KEEP for Adoptive Parents and Assisted Guardians

KEEP is partnering with the Oregon Post Adoptive Resource Center to deliver KEEP for adoptive parents and assisted guardians! KEEP groups are a combination of peer support and evidence-based parenting strategies. Not sure if you’re eligible? Give us a call or send a text or email to Julie Chapman: 541-780-3803;!

What is KEEP?

  • Peer support group for adoptive families and assisted guardians with children ages 3 and up
  • Teen-specific groups for ages 12+
  • 7-12 parents and a trained group leader
  • Trauma-informed framework of curriculum
  • Evidence-based parenting strategies you can use today!
  • Groups take place via videoconference with easy-to-use technology
  • 16 weekly, 90 minute sessions
  • Receive $25/session per household for each session attended (earn up to $400)