KEEP for Kin

KEEP is partnering with the Oregon Kinship Navigator program to deliver KEEP for Kin. KEEP for Kin provides peer support groups for grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and others who are caring for related youth and children and is for families not involved with Oregon DHS.

What is KEEP for Kin?

  • Peer support group
  • 7-12 relative caregivers and a trained group leader
  • Trauma-informed framework of curriculum
  • Evidence-based parenting strategies you can use today!
  • Groups take place via videoconference with easy-to-use technology
  • 16 weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • Receive $25/session per household for each session attended (earn up to $400)

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KEEP for Kin in Spanish

¡Ahora ofrecemos KEEP para parientes en español!