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Current SitesKEEP® is currently supporting foster families in the following locations:

  • Oregon
  • California
  • New York City (New York Foundling, Coalition for Hispanic Family Services, St. Dominic’s, Jewish Child Care Association, Good Shepherd Services)
  • The State of Tennessee
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom


‘Innovative Program Reduces the Number of Children in Foster Care’ 

Bill Baccaglini, director and CEO of The New York Foundling, discusses Child Success New York City (CSNYC) in The Huffington Post. CSNYC is a reform effort to implement KEEP, Parent Management Training, and R3 in five private child welfare agencies in New York City, including the Foundling.

Child Success New York City, an innovative program launched by New York City and implemented by several foster care agencies, aims to improve those children’s lives, by providing greater stability while they’re in foster care and a greater likelihood that they’ll be able to return to their natural families. To date, this program has shown very promising results and could prove to be a model for the future.

Thus far, the program has shown compelling results. A test group of 2,000 children who participated in Child Success NYC were 11% more likely to return home compared to their peers who received traditional services. That means there are many more children than usual who are back with their families, or in a permanent home who otherwise might be continuing in foster care.

While Child Success NYC is one of a number of initiatives the City has undertaken to reduce the foster care population, it is certainly contributing to the reduction of children in foster care in New York and we look forward to continued innovation and success.

‘We Are a Family Here’

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services newsletter features this article about their goals and experiences to date implementing KEEP–and foster parents’ feedback about the style and content of the groups.

KEEP is an integral part of a federally sponsored pilot program in Tennessee that, if it all works as expected, will safely reduce the overall number of children in state custody. Make fostering a smoother, calmer experience for everyone, and the kids will reap the benefits. Foster parents will feel more competent and confident. Children will experience fewer disruptions and better outcomes.

And that, many DCS workers, planners, data analysts and administrators believe, will lower overall custody rates – the goal shared by the federal government, which funds the bulk of the state’s foster care programs. If it works as predicted, KEEP and the other strategies associated with Tennessee’s federal waiver program, will roll out across the state.

In short, it promises to revolutionize foster care in Tennessee.